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Our professionals will clean up after themselves and will not become more of an inconvenience. We offer a wide range of services We have a variety of payment options which include credit, cash, check, or financing options. We give FREE in-home estimates for any customer. Our craftsmen are fully qualified and insured. The products and materials we use are of the highest quality. Our specialty is in energy efficient products and methods.

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GF Drywall Saves…
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We know that you are busy. When our drywall contractors arrive at your house, they are there to work. There is no need for multiple visits between the estimate and project, which means your project is completed faster, saving you time for your family.

People love our work!

Remodeling my whole house, even though excluding the exterior, was a tall order. Actually, this was a newly-purchased house, that had the perfect location and exterior, but lacked a champion interior. Eventually, thanks to a bunch of incredibly talented interior designers…

John Rollings Our client

When we approached this remodeling agency with an order to remodel both the interior and exterior for a 15-stories high office building, we hoped for them. not to laugh at us… But though the budget was tight and the timing was critically close, the StyleRoom agency guys took us in!…

Mary Wilkins Our client

When I was considering a renovation last year, I felt doubtful about it, because I was not able to find a remodeling agency capable of bringing the ideas and “blueprints” out of my mind into life… Luckily my good old friend, who previously hired these guys for her outdoors remodeling…

Elisa Liberti Our client

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Kitchen finishes and how to choose them wisely

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How does a contemporary hardscape look like?

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Try putting a huge mirror into your living room!

Try putting a huge mirror into your living room!

Out of all things in the arsenal of an interior (and exterior) designer, mirrors are probably one of the trickiest ones.…

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